Managing Tax in WooCommerce without Headaches

Last Updated
Jun 1, 2019

WooCommerce Tax:

For WooCommerce merchants in certain countries — including the US and Canada — it’s possible to enable automated tax calculations.
WooCommerce merchants with nexus in a single state can use WooCommerce Tax to enable automated taxes. It’s free, powered by WooCommerce Services, and requires Jetpack. Let the walk-through video below guide you through installation and setup:


Additional nexus locations and more complex tax scenarios, and auto-filing, try TaxJar.
  • Your business has significant presence in more than one state
  • You’d like to view exactly how much your business sold, sales tax collected, and the number of transactions you’ve made across multiple states
  • You’re spending multiple hours or more filing sales tax returns
  • For peace of mind. TaxJar will keep up with the new economic nexus laws as each state makes changes, and immediately update their customers as and when new sales tax laws take effect.
TaxJar will import your sales information into the TaxJar Dashboard each night. The service will then break down your sales data into separate state reports for everywhere that you sell (and even further in their state reports). In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to see your sales and transaction data by state and easily keep track of where you stand as new economic nexus laws are passed in the coming months.
  1. In what states does your business have a significant presence (over $100K in sales, brick and mortar store, inventory stored in a warehouse, etc) i.e. your sales tax nexus
  1. From and to which what address(es) will your products be shipping?
  1. Do you sell any tax exempt or non-taxable items?
  1. Do you sell to any tax exempt customers such as tax exempt entities or resellers?
  1. How will you remit (file and pay) sales tax you collect?