240p/160p/144p Test Suite


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240p Test Mini is a size-optimized port of Artemio's 240p Test Suite to 8-bit consoles, with supports for:
  • Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Game Boy and Game Boy Color (as "144p Test Suite").
  • Game Boy Advance (as "160p Test Suite").
Some functionality has been rearranged to fit the controller or to combine the function of similar tests. Some help pages have been rewritten for completeness, conciseness, and English usage improvements. Some tests' graphics have been replaced to keep the software free.


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  • Health warning for tests that flash.
  • Backlight zone test has movement speed control for measuring afterglow time.
  • [NES] Input test (plug in controllers and see if they work).
  • [NES] Monoscope pattern by Keith Raney (khmr33).
  • [NES] MMC1 and MMC3 builds of the Suite and stand-alone ROMs of MDFourier.
  • [GB] Super Game Boy sound test.
  • [GB] Test surround sound decoder.
  • [GBA] Parallax scroll in Hill zone and Shadow sprite isn't glitchy anymore.
  • [GB, GBA] Add Donna background by Jose Salot.
This release adds MDFourier to the Game Boy port and fixes a longstanding inaccuracy in the SMPTE color bars on NES.
  • NES: Add Safe areas pattern.
  • SMPTE bars (NES): Move I and Q to correct hues ($0C and $03).
  • Color bars (GB, GBA): A to toggle NTSC 7.5% setup.
  • Color bleed: Rearrange to 10 rectangles.
  • GB: Add MDFourier audio test.
  • MDFourier (NES): Run automatically if Start+A held during Reset.
  • Help (NES): Improve antialiasing of Gus's outline.
  • Add a back story for Gus.
  • NES: Begin work on printable manual.
  • Document deliberately replaced assets.
Behind the scenes:
  • NES, GB: Change random formula to reflect new cc65.
  • GB: Continuing micro-optimizations.
  • GB: Free space occupied by RSTs and interrupts that won't be used.
  • GB: Migrate to RGBDS 0.4.0 (no dedent, no duplicate section names, rename GLOBAL to EXPORT).