eCommerce ERP Integration Options

Last Updated
Apr 13, 2018

ERP Integration

Integration Points / Touch Points
  • Customers (new customers & updates)
  • Orders (new orders & order updates)
  • Shipping (updates to shopify)
  • fInventory (updates to shopify)
  • Tax Rules
More reading about ERP Integrations:
Overview of why you should integrate, and what you can accomplish.
Shopify Apps that Facilitate integration with SAP Business One

eBridge Connections

Bi-directional, automated data integration between Shopify and SAP Business One. Fully-managed solution with connectivity, data translation and compliance all handled in the cloud; no-on premise software required.
  • $599/mo - No setup costs - 1 year commit
    • Setup fee waived
  • Approx 6 touch points required:
    • Sales Orders (Shopify => SAPB1)
      • Sales Order
      • Customers
      • Inventory Update
    • Sales Order Update (SAPB1 => Shopify)
    • Customers Data (SAPB1 => Shopify)
    • Shipment Update (SAPB1 => Shopify)
  • What version of SAP Business One is Craft Handles using?
  • New SAP HANA System available?
  • Is SAP Business One on-premise? (off-premise is "nearly impossible")
Shopify App Store Details
eBridge Shopify Connectors
Cost priced per touch-point.
eBridge Call on August 2nd
s/w Robbie @ eBridge - 905-631-8333 x 287
Custom Fields require extra effort to install. Using base fields is turn-key.
Processes like returns are difficult to automate.
Products are a "heavy lift" for eBridge and are better managed directly in Shopify.
Tax information is managed in shopify
Tested and implemented 4-5 weeks from kick-off


Service provider for syncing ERP systems with other business systems, like eCommerce software, Marketplaces, CRMs, etc. You pick the touch-points to integrate and they're synced automatically on a regular interval or manually by Admin staff using the APPSeConnnect Application running on a computer in your organization.
* APPSeCONNECT will require DI Server (for SQL/HANA) or Service Layer (for HANA) to connect to SAP Business One (more info)
  • Beginner Pricing Plan
    • includes integration with SAP Business One and Shopify
  • $1908 USD per year, or
  • $3999 one-time fee (no per-year)
  • PLUS integration by vendor
    • Base quote is $2500 USD for base connector with its existing features, functionalities and touchpoints (as shown below).
  • Free 30 day trial
APPSeConnect Integration & Touchpoint Information Page
Slide Deck: SAP Shopify Connection: Integration of SAP B1 and Shopify Simplified
Video: Shopify SAP Business One integration through APPSeCONNECT
WEBINAR : Connect Third Party Systems with SAP B1 DI API, DI Server, B1WS

Order Exporting (No ERP Integration)

Orders can be exported from Shopify using the Excel file format. These exports can then be imported into SAP Business One. Basic Shopify exports can accomplish this, or a marketplace app named Excelify ($20 USD / month) can be used to create a SAP Business One-ready export.


Managed in Shopify
Taxes for eCommerce purchases are are managed directly in Shopify. Shopify will manage tax rates for the USA, including state- and county-specific sales taxes in states where a business nexus exists. Manual tax adjustments can be made, if needed.
How To Article

Payment Processing

Transaction Fees
If you are using the “Basic Shopify“, “Shopify” or “Advanced Shopify” plans, there are small transaction fees ranging from 0.5% to 2% per sale. If you decide to use Shopify Payments, these transaction fees will be completely waived.
Shopify Payment Gateway
Shopify Payments is a payment gateway system managed by Shopify. Their services are powered by stripe, a leading credit card processor.
Other Compatible Payment Gateways


Base shipping rates are calculated by the standard metrics:
  • weight of products purchased, and/or
  • total cart price
To extend the Shopify platform to support custom shipping pricing (i.e. $1.50 per handle for 3 days shipping), we must implement an app from the Shopify Marketplace.
For your needs, we implemented the app Better Shipping. Cost is $14.99/month.