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On my first day at POWERSHiFTER I was greeted with a desk & chair to be assembled and a new iMac to be configured and while I had my chair built and desk organized in no time, setting up my iMac has been much more of a process.

Sure, MobileMe automagically configured the baseline (settings, accounts, etc) for me but I’m still left with a number of particulars.. namely configuring my virtual workspace: editors, browsers, scripts, etc. Below is a list of all the custom add-ons I’ve installed to make my copy of TextMate wicked awesome:


  • MissingDrawer (gh) – This plugin provides Xcode-like project window interface without drawer and adds “Open Terminal Here” button to the file list’s button panel.

Awesome TextMate bundles:

  • Javascript Tools bundle (gh) – Essential Tools for developing Javascript in TextMate
  • mHTML bundle (gh) – TextMate XHTML Bundle that extends the functionality of the default HTML bundle. (screencast)
  • mCSS bundle (gh) – TextMate CSS Bundle that extends the default bundle with a million snippets. (screencast)
  • jQuery bundle (gh) – jQuery bundle to aid in jQuery development.
  • TextMade MiniMap (gh) – Display a “mini-map” or preview for a file in a pane.
  • nice_find (gh) – Written in Objective C and interacts directly with TextMate. Uses grep (or git-grep where available). As a result it is faster, more intuitive, and has a native look and feel that is the envy of all the other grep bundles.
  • TmCodeBrowser
  • ReMate – ReMate is a TextMate plugin which can be used to disable the automatic project tree refresh when the application regains focus.
  • git-tmbundle (gh) – Built-in git support for TextMate


  • IR_Black.tmTheme – Black theme that has different colors for a wide variety of items, with coordinated colors between like items. (Ruby, Java, HTML, XML)
  • Clouds – Light coloured, minimal theme. Very nice. (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP)

Other Resources:

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