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TL;DR: Disable mouse pointer acceleration.

I installed OSX Lion onto my work machine this week and, while I do love the new features, I’ve been having some problems. Most notably, once I switched away from the carpel-tunnel-causing Magic Mouse to the luscious Logitech MX518 I have been experiencing the same “pointer skip” that many other people are complaining about.

After some research it seems like the problem is related to mouse acceleration during high CPU usage, and it seems that the only way to mitigate the issue is to turn off mouse acceleration. I found a piece of software that allowed me do this, and it seems to have helped stop the pointer from jumping around as much but the problem isn’t completely solved. Obviously turning off isn’t a solution.

Here are two solutions to turning off mouse acceleration:

1. Command line app [source]

$ curl -O
$ chmod +x killmouseaccel
$ ./killmouseaccel mouse

2. Use the app Kill Mouse

Try these fixes at your own risk. I used the option #1 above and it worked just fine. I hope this gets addressed in the near future.. it’s really odd mousing around the screen without acceleration.