LG Smart TVs are incredibly dumb.

Smart TVs are dumb.

There, I said it. Lots of people agree too:

What, exactly, am I talking about?

Here’s an example taken from my own LG 42LS5700 “Smart” TV:

It took approximately 30 seconds for me to complete 2 simple tasks:

  1. Turn on the TV
  2. Change the input (to my PC)

That’s it! Simple, right? Hit the power button, wait a second, then cycle through inputs until you find the right one. Done! Except that LG has over-engineered this common task into a ridiculous procedure that takes an excessive amount of time, effort and attention to complete.

User interaction involved was:

  1. Press power button on remote;
  2. Press either the precariously placed “Q-menu” button at the bottom of the remote [shown] or press the Home button, which takes longer to load;
  3. Click the “Inputs” app on screen*
  4. Waiting for app to load
  5. Select appropriate input**
  6. Done.

* The pointer disappears from the screen at strange intervals. Often the pointer will have disappear just before you manage to click the on-screen button you’re searching for.
** You will have to scroll back from screen of inactive inputs if your last input used is now inactive. (Seriously, wtf LG?)

And this is just one situation!

There are so many broken user experiences with this system it’s baffling that the product made it through user acceptance testing. Maybe before adding more useless “Premiere” content, LG, you should spend time building a better OS experience. Then try to engage the users, and make them want to use “Premiere”. As it stands now, I try to avoid interacting with the “smart” features of my LG TV at all costs!

Anyone else have similar experiences?

Add to the discussion on Hacker News: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5514994

Update: I tweeted at @LGUS asking if they had any comment on their Smart TV’s poor performance. Unsurprisingly  their response questioned whether I had contacted LG support. I suppose I could waste my time on the phone, but I don’t see the point. Blogging for commiseration is much more satisfying.

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  1. I have a LG Smart TV LS57** or LS58** and the major complaint I have with it is that my picture keeps disappearing but the sound doesn’t. What’s weird about this, is my DVD recorder will record any programmes that I have pre set during this no picture time and will play back with perfect picture on the screen when my tv decides to give me the picture back. This has happened in the last 14 months – I have had the tv for about 4 years. Coincidentally I moved house at about the same time so I am wondering if there are any external factors that might be affecting the tv to go on sporadic ‘no shows’. Any insights would be appreciated!

  2. I know this is late to the game but based on the myriad negative reviews I feel I have to post my thoughts. I own an LG 42LS5700 which I bought in 2012 and I think it’s good!

    I can’t say I disagree with some of the opinions posted here. Yes, the startup time/home page is a bit slow. Although, I don’t remember thinking it was that slow compared to my satellite DVR from a few years ago. The magic remote is an acquired taste and I think also contributes to the slowness. The apps are very limited and most are trash.

    However, I’ve “cut the cord” and I only view content over the internet/network. I’ve used Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, MLB.TV and other apps and they are good (although the UI’s are not the richest available). I use Media Center as a front end to a Plex Server and that works well.

    I occasionally use the browser but that’s not why I have a Smart TV; I don’t need a TV to use facebook — I have many devices that can do this. And for anything not “read only” (like writing a review!) I’m going to want a keyboard.

    All in all I’m very happy with my LG Smart TV. Sure it has some quirks and weak areas that could be improved but overall I think it’s a good product (I didn’t even talk about the video quality!).

  3. “I have a LG smart tv 42″ no problems at all with the TV. My problem is that…”

    I have no problems with the TV other than the TV’s problems.

  4. I have a LG smart tv 42″ no problems at all with the TV. My problem is that I xonstantly get a screen pop up asking me if I want to use the new input connections what is that I select no as I have nothing attached to it but it always pops up

  5. Really have to agree. Have had an LG 3D 47LM7600 now for a couple of years. ABSOLUTELY the worst product I’ve bought. Smart? Not! Spent hours on the AVS forum for the LG model and just a bunch of sycophant engineers (I think) who tweak the picture settings – there’s got to be thousands of blog entries! – but no substance. No effort to get consistent streaming…and poor apps from LG. I have already stopped Amazon Prime (with the last year’s price increase), tried and stopped Hulu+ after a few months, then Netflix for a couple of months. Pore content. Poor – VERY POOR channels for the free internet TV from India, and eastern Europe and the like. I still hate Cox Communications, the provider that got my are locked up in panhandle Florida…but see no way to properly cut the cable at this stage. My recommendation would be to stay far away from LG. Oh and 3D? Totally a waste. NO content if your over age 8.

  6. I have LG 55LM7600 smart Tv. The dumbest tv in the world. Often TV doesn’t recognise the remote. Once in a day it doesn’t recognise home network. All other gadgets work on same network same time but TV doesn’t. I thought to upgrade software but without network connectivity I cant. Never buy LG products….

    1. DON’T BUY!! Internet function doesn’t work at all.

  7. While watching our lg smart tv, the picture will”disappear” for a few seconds and we will get a blue screen– sometimes 3 or 4 times an evening. Anyone else having picture problems?

  8. I bought a LG 55 smart tv it worked up until it upgraded then it will not play videos on FB thing is weird no video but auido then youtube works fine. If your looking to buy steer clear from LG. Also any one building a computer these days would leave room for memory expansion NOT LG think about it don’t buy it.

  9. Agreed. My LG Smart TV is about as smart as a box of spoons. Absolute waste of space. I’m getting rid as soon as I can an going back to Panasonic. My advice don’t buy LG!!

  10. hi i hv lg smart tvnd when i use youtube app nd start typing on the moving bottom run so fast to control on one alphabet is hard … cm amy one help m to fix this problem

  11. I have a 42 and a 55in LG Smart 3D TV. LOVE THEM. The remote has an input button on it, can switch inputs in 2-3 seconds. When I turn on my PS3 it asks if I want to switch to that input so all I have to do is press the OK button the remote and done. Also my girlfriend and I both have the LG Smart TV app for android. Full Keyboard for effortless youtube and web searching. HIGHLY RESPONSIVE mouse pad for pointer integration. You can watch Cable TV(Coaxile) from the LG Smart TV app anywhere in the house. Both TV softwares have never crashed or lagged on me. I use it for Netflix, Crackle, Pandora, TV. It pretty much took away having to hook up a phone or a laptop or a roku etc. All of them in one. Great TV if you ask me! You guys are nuts.

  12. Wish I had read all this before buying an LG Smart TV several weeks ago. Nice looking TV but really poor software (up to date as of 17th May 2014). The Browser supplied can NOT play an 8 minute flash cartoon for the kids – crashes with an out of memory and closes down. LG customer service say the browser is NOT ment for streaming – ah come on – 8 minute cartoon – its not exactly a movie. The Smart Share (DLNA) is limited – customer service suggested I split my data into smaller chunks so their software can cope (no such issues for Skifta on my mobile phone). Their EPG on the build in SAT receiver … well you just may as well forget about using that. Very very disappointed.

  13. Don’t know what all the fuss is about – lighten up guys and look at your wifi / modem / router capabilities, don’t always blame the TV.
    I have 2 LG smart TVs, 55″ and 32″ – both worked great straight out the box and are brilliant for Netflix.
    Yes navigating the net with the remote is a bit of a pain, but buy a wifi keyboard and the process is much less tiring.
    Hard drives?….my TV just automatically picks up my wifi house server and lets me access and media files directly, never had to set it up at all (was quite a surprise actually when I just saw it sitting there ready to go).
    My big beef is the endless pointless and incorrect messages about ‘new’ AV, HDMI, composite connections and ‘do I want to access them?’. Nothing has changed and despite cancelling them 4 / 5 times a night they continue to appear – what the @#$% is going on here, and how do you stop this once and for all?

  14. I have had this same model for about a year and it keeps asking me if I want to switch to the AV input… Except I don’t have anything plugged into the AV input. I don’t know how to fix it. There’s no way to turn that auto detect feature off. Never buying LG again.

    1. The same exact thing kept happening to me. There was an update to the tv over the last few weeks, and it doesn’t do that anymore.

      Now it just switches the sound input to headphones, when there are no headphones plugged in. So that’s cool.

    2. Hi Brendan, I’ve been having the exact problem!! I’m just wondering if you found a solution??

    3. I get the same thing as you is there a fix out there for this problem?

    4. I too have this issue! I’ve been trying to solve this for the past 12 months. I’ve tried everything LG’s horrid tech support has suggested, and nothing works. If my TV wasn’t already out of warranty I’d be demanding my money back. I still think I should get it back! I’ve had my LG for about 20 months, and have lived with this issue for constantly. I’ve added LG to no-buy list. First was Samsung for their horrible power supplies in their TVs, and now LG for creating a product that keeps asking to switch to an input where NOTHING IS CONNECTED!!!

      I wish they’d push a firmware update to turn the auto connect feature off. It’s just a bother!!!

      So sorry I purchased my LG TV. Oh so sorry…

      If anyone knows how to solve this issue, please post it!

  15. I Recently bought an LG LA-6230 42″ Smart TV…..pah! what a joke, smart my ass! After I tired of giggling about how cool it was to move a mouse around the screen using my Logitech K400 bluetooth keyboard I quickly got bored with the sloth like response of the so called smart features. The whole slew of features this TV has are so laggy that they are almost useless, everything is painfully slow and tedious that I have pretty much given up using them altogether. Occasionally I will use V Tuner to log onto a UK dance station and after waiting way too long for the connection to establish itself and load up I actually do enjoy pumping the tunes through my HT System. The remote is another annoyance for me, I press guide to see what is on TV and have to wait bloody ages for it to load…..what’s up with that, is it the TV or is it Freeview? It is not all bad I suppose as I do have my 320GB Passbook connected to the HDD USB input which I watch my movies from mostly, and it always works flawlessly, I hate that I cannot record to it unless I follow the TV’s prompts to reformat the whole drive, why did they block the ability to record directly to my HDD? lesson learnt for me I think, next time I buy a TV I will probably not bother too much about smart capabilities and just add an Apple or Android or Roku box or similar. I am one hugely disappointed new smart tv user. My LG is a beautiful looking TV but after switching it on it all goes south for me, mediocre picture, horribly slow remote control and advanced smart features that are anything but! Panasonic or Sony next time that’s for sure.

  16. I purchased a 55″ LG “Smart” tv about 3 months ago. My biggest gripe is being forced to use the unbelievably slow onboard method of input switching, sure I get a pop up telling me it can change the normal tv channels everytime I so much as bump the controller, but who the heck even uses these tvs for normal tv anymore? Normal tv has been dead to me for almost 10 years!

    Anyway after searching around and finding no solution for a faster input switching method, I decided I’m going to purchase an external input selecter, and bypass this smart tv bleep* all together.

    In closing, I believe this “smart” tv has a lower i.q. than my old tube television.

  17. I have an LG smart TV and quickly learned how badly the the remote operated as you have all noted, making simple things difficult. However, I have two tivos, an LG sound bar, a Sony blue ray, and an Apple tv, and i needed something simple that was so intuitive my non-technical wife could use without cursing in frustration. The best solution is using a Harmony One remote. It’s pricey, but now I can control every single function of every device exactly the way I want, and while it initially is tricky to program, it now works perfectly. I never touch the LG remote. On the positive side, the LG picture and 3D functionality are awesome if only there were more 3d content available. I did not buy the tv for the smart tv functions as i have two macs, two iphones, and i pad so no need. It was on sale so I didn’t pay extra for the smart (dumb) functions!

  18. I fell for the smart TV presentation at the store and popped nearly $2k for a top of the line LG TV. I thought that at last my wife would be able to use the handy cursor remote to turn on the TV without me having to do it for her. It now takes up to 30 minutes (my record is two hours) for ME to get it to run the content that I want, such as a cable TV show. Sometimes I’ll get a picture with no sound, sometimes sound without a picture, and most of the time it just cycles the DVD player back on continuously. I’m currently researching how to lobotomize the TV and to just show the content that is coming over the line.

    1. totally with you sometime feel like throwing it through an lg office if it wasnt so heavy

  19. I bought a LG 55″ Smart TV two years ago and have the same experience as everyone else. The internet function is a joke. I called their crack support team yesterday, and they basically told me to hook up my computer to it! WTF!! If there are any lawyers out there, I think there is grounds for a class action suit. The “Smart” TV was falsely advertised as such, and I’m out $1500.00. Will NEVER buy an LG product again.

  20. I have the smart TV 55 LED I bought a year ago. I don’t need to the super slow smart tv capabilities but I all I needed was a SIMPLE SWITCH BETWEEN INPUTS!!!!!!!
    The folks at LG TV GUI team are just a bunch of incompetent morons.
    Seriously folks, that’s the most simple ask anybody would like to have, power on, switch between digital/analog sources.
    Instead you have to go through an app, really?!?! My wife hates me for that each time she tries to watch cable after the kids watched PC/BD

    1. See LG! You’re RUINING MARRIAGES with your terrible TV OS. D:

  21. Damn…wish I’d checked this *before* I bought my new LG “Smart” TV.
    As everybody else says, as a TV, it’s great, but for browsing the web, it’s useless. Worse than useless actually because it gives you little tastes of what’s out there then either crashes or drops part of the content.
    I am massively disappointed.
    Can anybody recommend an external device that would allow me to actually surf the web *properly* with this brick?

    1. Daveo: I bought an AppleTV and haven’t looked back. It does pretty much everything I want. I also connect my PC to my TV from time-to-time if I want to play a game on the big screen. It’s great for web browsing too.

  22. I Think that you just had a 1 in a few bad apple, I recenly brought a 32ln5700, and I took much less time to do what you did in the video… just HARD LUCK for you this tv is a great tv, I must admit that using the internet is real balls witht the remote…

  23. people here sure do love to moan and whine.
    if you want decent smart tv for web browsing, flash stream, etc…get high end of the line/series that manufacturers provide.
    making sure that tvs have at least dualcore processor is obviously a start.
    there is a huge difference between a 55″ smart TV that cost you 800 bucks and another 55″ smart tv from same manufacturer that cost you $1500+.
    stop settling for low end TVs off the series line, think you a boss and complain about why it is so slow.
    Come try my LG 55GA7900 and we’ll see what ya’ll say about smart tvs.
    i recommend google TVs as they are completely different from other samsung and sony junk smart tvs, since they are equipped with google’s own UI and Chrome browser.

  24. I recently bought a “Smart TV” from LG, after my german made Technisat hdtv 40 power supply got broken. A nice feature is the 3d option with dual play on a ps3, but the main task, watching TV is nearly impossible!

    They offer this TV with hbbTV allthough the TV is not able to perform this task without hangs, lags and feezes.

    Zapping times are absolutely unacceptable. 3 tuners built in and you can just use one. The others are dead! no recording nothing possile.

    Even the channels it scans from SAT are not working. Symbol rate is randomly false, spreaded over to always some random TV Stations.

    Not possible to record with this TV when TV off?!? WTF!

    With my old Technisat I had 4000 TV Channels could record 5 TV Station while watching a 6th (2x the tripple tuner the LG “has”) at one time and evrything was still lightning fast!

    Koreans rip your money selling you outdated underperforming technology, with always half finished software!

  25. Great review
    Yes, my 55LM6400 ,new, is the same way. sadly.
    It takes 20 seconds to , turn on.
    About 5 -10seconds in , you get the LG cube then poof , gone.
    the Home key will not come online for 20 seconds.
    I push the on key, and just count. to 20.

    if you try to speed it alone? the reward is , it turns off.
    I don’t mind the delay, but why, pray tell , not a countdown
    or some , type of human feed back that it’s ON and busy.

    and 2nd that, comment that why all the updates with 100 more internet
    streaming sources, why not fix the bloody BOOT !
    COMEON LG, do it, I dare you. even a stream of freakn dots…

    I do see a new browser, in the lasted update, i’ts better. v25/v2/?IIRC
    for those complaining , gee, it’s not Firefox yet, wow !

    what we need is verbose boot like “/SOS” in windoze, for years.

    Come ON LG ! Doit !

  26. I spent over $1000 for a LG “smart TV” two years ago. As a basic hi-def TV set it works very well, but the so-called “smart” features are virtually worthless. I have excellent hi-speed internet in my home, but the LG set’s web browser is so slow that we never use it. When we do try to use it to b rowse the web, it cannot play any video content because the LG set does not support Flash version 9. That is incomprehensible— how can you design a device nowadays with a web browser that doesn’t support Flash? Then, if you browse the internet for any length of time, you get an “out of memory” message and have to exit the browser function.
    Lg very seldon updates its software— I believe they have only had two releases for our set in two years, and those updates added very little new functionality. If you want a “smart TV”, do yourself a favor and buy a standard TV set and attach it to a standalone Roku box— it will give you a smart TV that actually works!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I also bought a $1500 LG smart TV in mid 2013 and, although the image is crystal clear and fine, the “smart” ends with DLNA support and MKV/MPEG4/* codec including subitle support.

      The rest… the app store that has 1% of proprietary apps, no google app store, the browser that is to slow to operate, search, play videos, the “out of memory” message, impossible lag, that’s just too damn horrible.

      Miracast, it works with Android >4.2, but… the lag is 5-10 seconds. It’s impossible to use a tablet or phone connected to a tv, that scrolls or selects something 5-10 seconds after you tapped

      Mind you, we’re talking about a ether cable connected, not wifi, dual core smart tv 55LA660S costing over 1000 USD. Actually it was 1200 EUR = 1500 USD.

      If only manufacturers allowed great TV panels without this Smart crap, and allowed us to connect a Minix Neo box or something alike that rocks….

    2. ditto

  27. I have 2 LG Plasma so-called Smart TVs. The so-called Smart TV functions are virtually useless particularly because of the inability to use the built-in web browser as one would on a computer and directly download apps and updates for it such as Flash 10 which is required for software including BBC iPlayer (I live in North America). That has forced me to use a computer connected to the LG HDTV and use it as a dumb monitor. Another annoyance is the indirect method of selecting inputs for display. That should be facilitated directly from the remote through pressing a single button on the remote to switch inputs instead of having to go through a menu to do it. Now that I have been “educated”, I am a lot more conscious about what to look for when I buy another HDTV, probably not a Smart TV.

  28. I have an LG smart TV. I really like it, actually. I don’t like it for the internet browsing (although I think it might be reasonable, with the wifi keyboard support — anything I’d want to do on the web would require a keyboard anyway).

    What I like it for is the DLNA and WiDi — being able to share videos from other devices to your TV. For instance, I accidentally pushed the “wrong” fullscreen button on my phone’s youtube app, whilst sitting in front of the TV, and the video appeared ON the TV! Very nice.

    I suspect the webcam feature would also be pretty great, though it’s ridiculously expensive for a webcam. As others mentioned, it should support a much wider range of STANDARD peripherals, not LG-specific ones.

  29. We’ve got a number of the Samsung TVs of different generations (including the most recent) and the Smart TV functionality is awful. Quite why it is so slow is mystifying, but it is unusable.

    What’s also interesting is they clearly think it is acceptable given they shipped it and continue to promote the functionality…

    Frustrating, because if they just gave it some decent CPU (Raspberry Pi is better!) it would be quite a nice setup.

  30. Well, they did buy Palm from HP…

  31. I have 40″ Samsung. It remembers which input I am using luckily. The problem I have is that I paid AU $800 for it because it is the smallest nice TV I could get. If they took out all the “Smart” features I’m sure they could have knocked $100 off the price. What I really want is a large monitor so I can just watch TV on my computer, but that doesn’t exist at this size and price point.

  32. I’ve noticed the massive shortcomings of “Smart TVs” too, I can’t fathom why major manufacturers don’t just licence XBMC for their TV’s. It’s clearly the best home theatre software around, has great plugins and support, it seems like a really obvious solution rather than each company building their own sub-par offerings.

  33. I have a 40″ Sony Bravia “Smart” TV and I have never ever used Facebook or Twitter on my TV. Changing inputs is much simpler on the Sony, but still not 100% there. After pressing power it will switch to your last used input and start playing immediately but when you press input to change source, you’re usually given a “Please Wait…” overlay until it’s finished loading. The only semi useful feature I can see is that this TV has a built in Track ID service, a la Shazam, which I thought was cool but have never ever used it.

  34. Glad to see other people notice this. The sad thing is that its not only in TVs. I saw a case where Another case was when manufacturer x decided to move the stop and start button on the microwave, all users have to stop and pause to find the buttons before operating the device.
    All it takes is to write down the 10 most common uses for the device and make sure they are 1 stroke away but instead they look and try to add 100 features that no one will ever use. For someone with OCD on user experience this really bugs me :(

  35. I have a similar LG TV the 55″ smart one, its so annoying! The pointer disappears like you say, you cant even plug in a hard drive to record shows as it just does not detect it. Its laggy and horrible, just use an xbox or anything other than the TV interface! At least the picture is good once you finally get it started.

    So disappointing, should have got a Samsung..

  36. This vaguely reminds me of the painful process navigating the menus and screens on my “smart” Sony Blu-Ray player… oh well, at least I don’t have to mess with it near as much as my TV :o

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