Indie Hackers Vancouver – July 2nd, 2019

Indie Hackers Vancouver – July 2nd, 2019

Another Indie Hackers Vancouver Meetup has come-and-gone. Last Tuesday, July 2nd 2019, we had a great turn-out of 14 people at our meeting, graciously hosted this month by Lighthouse Labs.

If you haven’t already, please fill out our feedback survey so we can improve future Indie Hacker meetups!

Housekeeping and organization

This event we decided to use name tags to help everyone remember names (especially me!). But, along with the name tags, we also included one of 2 custom stickers printed via Check them out in the image above. I was happy with the quality of stickers, especially for the price (50% off, woo!), but I think I’ll be trying out Jukebox for my next sticker order.

There were a few minutes of housekeeping to do prior to digging into the content of the meetup. This took longer than I expected, but here are the key takeaways:

  • The group’s theme will continue to be informal and community-based.
  • We will continue to meet using round-table and/or unconference formats; there are plenty of other meetups that have presenters talk at you for 2 hours, and we want this community to be different.
  • We will attempt to use Discord for communication after the event. Here’s the invitation link for anyone interested in joining:

Group Introductions

During introductions everyone includes what they hope to gain from the meetup. Below were some of the replies:

  • Improved accountability for members
  • Increase profitability
  • Build community
  • 1-on-1 communication sessions
  • sharing experiences with others
  • learning from others
  • optimizing businesses
  • meet new people
  • expand an existing team

Thanks for the suggestion, Dana. These comments will help shape the group and aid is in focusing on the right topics and content for our attendees. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

Round-table topics this month

I had originally intended for this meetup to be a “Birds of a Feather”-style unconference, but after considering attendance and space restrictions, it was easier keep everyone in single group round-table discussion.

The group tackled a few difficult start-up-related topics. There was a spirited discussion around each topic and tones of great suggestions were shared. I took a few notes for each topic:

How to monetize networking events

  • Up-sell attendees with introductions to vendors, speakers, etc prior to the main event.
  • [Please comment if you remember other suggestions]

How to grow a niche comic artists B2C community

  • Research companies in the same space and propose a joint venture.
  • Find amazing influencers on social media; specifically, find influencers who have high engagement with their audience (not just like counts, etc). There are tools to help do the research.
  • Hire a Growth consultant
  • Hold a competition / raffle / give-away; it will attract people like crazy.
  • Start a podcast about your product / service; get featured on other podcasts.
    • Bonus tip: Vancouver Public Library has an awesome sound recording booth that’s free to use. Record your podcasts without spending a dime!

How to start building an audience”.

  • Joint ventures with companies in similar spaces.
  • Classic lead magnet & email marketing
  • [Please comment if you remember other suggestions]

Thinking back on it, it’s crazy how much I learn during these events!

Final Thoughts

I’m very happy to have held another successful Indie Hackers meetup. Thanks again to everyone who came out this month, including Matthew (PanelJam), Dana, Yong, Neal, Wei, Alex, Nate, Sarim, Charles, Amaranda and Stafanni. And a big thanks to Osama for helping me to co-host the event and sort out the venue.

Regarding refreshments: we had popcorn, cookies and a selection of beer available. I think the refreshments went over well with the guests, but we were definitely missing a something very key… water! Oops! Next time we’ll have bottled water on hand.

Oh, and we also forgot to take a group photo AGAIN! I’ve heard 3rd meetup is a charm. Let’s see how it works out :)

See ya next month!

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