Indie Hackers Vancouver: Feedback from Early July session

Indie Hackers Vancouver: Feedback from Early July session

After our last meet-up at the beginning of July, I asked the attendees to fill out an anonymous feedback form. We received 4 total responses. Even though it’s a small portion of the attendees, we still got some fantastic notes. I’m going to share some of the feedback we received and provide some next-steps we will take to action the feedback.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback! Let’s review!

Q1: What was your biggest learning / take-away from the Meetup?

We received some great, positive feedback to to this question. I am stoked to see people get real value from the group, and this helps inform what we should continue doing moving forward.

Here were some of the responses:

  • The scene for tech meetups/networking is a lot larger than I thought!
  • Very nice people sharing great insights. it was good to meet other indie hackers.
  • Great ideas on how to grow my audience and scale the business.

Q2: Rate your level of engagement throughout the event (1-5)

Average score of 3.5 (out of a possible 5). 70% might be a passing grade in school, but 70% engagement for our meet-up group feels way too low. This tells me the organizers need to better facilitate discussions, to ensure no one feels left-out or checks out because we’re talking too long about something not interesting to them.

Q3: Did you feel that your ideas were heard?

Average score of 4 (out of possible 5). I’m glad people generally felt heard. I know sometimes it can be difficult to inject your voice during a spirited discussion, but I’m glad that members (that responded) generally felt heard. We will continue to improve facilitation of discussions as much as we can!

Q4: Was the meetup a great learning experience for you?

Average score of 4 (out of possible 5). Again, those who responded thought this was a good learning experience. I’m very happy with this score. I’m always worried about wasting the time of the attendees. I’m happy to know they wouldn’t rather be washing their hair.

Q5: Would you recommend this meetup to your friend/colleague?

We got a unanimous “yes” to this question! 😃 🎉

Q6: How can we make the meetup better?

This was a long-form question to finish off the questionnaire. Thanks to everyone for the kind words, positive feedback and constructive notes. I’m not going to quote items verbatim here, but I will summarize the key points (as I see them):

  1. Be better organized. We have a limited amount of time together, and we should be making the best use of our time together. Limit the administrative chatter and dig into the real content people want to discuss ASAP.
  2. Limit the time you spend discussing a single topic. Use a timer to track how long we’ve been talking about a single topic. Either change topics after a certain period (maybe 15 minutes?) or ask the group to continue discussing for another 5 minutes to wrap up.
  3. Keep intros short. Give us your name and a short sentence or two about what you’re working on. Keep it under 30 seconds.
  4. Provide a better outline for meetings to set expectations for the evening.
  5. Networking is important. Provide time at the end of the event for networking and/or pick an second venue for after-event networking (e.g. drinks at a bar, food at a restaurant).


Thanks again for your feedback. I plan to continue soliciting feedback, and will continue to do my best to ensure this group provides the best experience possible to each attendee.

Mike Walker

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