Git is magnificent.

Git is magnificent. No single tool has saved me as much time, effort, and sanity as Git and I recommend it’s use to every developer, designer, and power-user I know.

What’s so great about Git?

I had planned to sit down this evening and write an article extolling the virtues of git and version control, but I’ve discovered loads of articles who have done it much better than I ever could. So instead of reinventing the wheel, I will merely redirect you to to these articles for an introduction to git, then make a few additional points.

Required reading:
Designers read Git: A Designer’s Perspective.
Developers read the article above and Git for the nervous developer.

A SlideShare presentation on the more technical aspects of Git.

Git options on Mac OS X: 

  • GitTower – Commercial gui client ($69)
  • git-osx-installer – open-source installation of command-line git
  • port install git-core – using mac ports (formerly darwin) package manager

Git options for Windows users:

  • TortiseGit – open-source client with Windows Explorer integration
  • MSysGit – open-source command-line client
  • SmartGit – commercial ($69)

Git repository hosting:

  • Github – Packages geared toward many users and better collaboration, less repositories
  • Beanstalk – Repository hosting with packages geared toward fewer developers, but more repositories per account tier.
  • Unfuddle – Git and SVN hosting, geared toward project managements (has wikis, gantt charts, etc). Silly name.

More resources:

Pro Git – A free git bible.

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