Coda 2.0.1 fails to parse some SSH config directives

This morning I upgraded to Coda 2.0.1 and was unable to connect to any of my remote sites. The following error popped up on each attempt to connect to a site:

"An SSH config file contains one or more errors. Please
correct them to use this file."

I did some debugging and found that I had a “Ciphers” directive specified for one server, specifically:

Host foo
 Hostname foo.local.server
 User mike
 Cipher arcfour

The ‘Cipher arcfour’ directive is perfectly valid and used to speed up SSH for a local Debian VM that cannot connect to the internet.

I removed the Cipher directive from the config and can connect to my servers once more. Hopefully Panic fixes this issue in an upcoming patch.

Update: Les from Panic support says this should be fixed in Coda 2.0.2, but has no no ETA on the release date. Looks like these boy are on top of things!

Mike Walker

Mike is a full-stack web developer with 15 years experience. I focus on PHP & Javascript development, and work with platforms like Shopify Plus and WooCommerce eCommerce. The Agency Developer is a weekly curated newsletter with a mission to inform and educate developers working with digital agencies.

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