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This morning I upgraded to Coda 2.0.1 and was unable to connect to any of my remote sites. The following error popped up on each attempt to connect to a site:

"An SSH config file contains one or more errors. Please
correct them to use this file."

I did some debugging and found that I had a “Ciphers” directive specified for one server, specifically:

Host foo
 Hostname foo.local.server
 User mike
 Cipher arcfour

The ‘Cipher arcfour’ directive is perfectly valid and used to speed up SSH for a local Debian VM that cannot connect to the internet.

I removed the Cipher directive from the config and can connect to my servers once more. Hopefully Panic fixes this issue in an upcoming patch.

Update: Les from Panic support says this should be fixed in Coda 2.0.2, but has no no ETA on the release date. Looks like these boy are on top of things!