Arduino-powered Rainbow Owl

Arduino-powered Rainbow Owl

This evening I completed a silly side-project, the RGB Owl 🦉

This project started when I purchased a weird looking owl figure during a trip to the grocery store a while back. Not really sure why a grocery store was selling metal owls, but it’s apparent that their owl up-sell strategy worked on me. Very clever. The owl sat outside for months until last weekend when I gutted the internals of the pre-existing lighting mechanism–a cheap, solar-powered patio light–and replaced it all with a new RGB LED and a TeensyUSB micro-computer. Now, after a bit of fancy wiring, I’ve got all the new components to fit in the original chassis.. after many failed attempts!

I really enjoyed building this simple, silly project. It was a great stress-release project to get myself back into hobby electronics.

Now I can’t wait to iterate over the design! Next step is to make it photo-sensitive and only turn on at night. I also have plans to make fun light patterns (though my options are limited to a single RGB LED), colour changes based on outside temperature/humidity/ barometric pressure. Weeee!

Thanks for indulging me by reading!

Mike Walker

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