Blackbox - Game Cube (DOL-001)


Highlights & notes

  • Japanese DOL-001
  • SD2SP2 SD card adapter
  • Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX Quiet Fan installed to replace the old noisy fan. Temperatures barely go over 42 Celsius.
  • Black Game Boy Adapter attached.
  • OEM Power cable
  • Gameboy Player add-on (hardware only, used with Swiss)

To-do items:

  • Disc drive may not work?

Mods and other components:

Carby DOL-101 HDMI Adapater

notion image

BlueRetro Internal Adapter

Purchased from Laserbear Industries
GameCube BlueRetro Internal Adapter
notion image

PicoBoot Quick Solder Flex for DOL-001

Purchased from Helder
PicoBoot Quick Solder Flex for DOL-001
notion image

SD2SP2 SD Card Adapter

Purchased from Helder & eBay... I currently have 4 of these for some reason.
notion image

GS2SD Micro SD Adapter

Purchased from Helder
Format the Micro SD Card in Fat32 or exFat
notion image

Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX Quiet Fan

  • 3-Pin (40x10mm, Brown)
  • GameCube 40mm fan adapter plate and fan cable - Retro Frog
  • 40mm fan adapter plate (Black)
  • 3pin fan to 2 pin Gamecube fan adapter cable
notion image

Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Purchased on Amazon.