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If I had to summarize my skill set into a title, I’d have to pick “Web Generalist”. Cheeky, I know, but after 10 years in experience in the field of web development I’ve had to learn so many skills to stay ahead of the game.

I’ve been fortunate to work on many projects of all sizes for clients across many industries, including consumer packages goods, charities, digital agencies, franchises, and telecommunication companies. I have worked as an integrated part of large cross-functional teams; I have lead small teams of highly-skilled developers to build complex web and eCommerce projects; I have been the lone-gunman on smaller projects with professional technical architectural needs.

incredimike development services continues to provided the following services:

  • Full-stack web development projects, development and leadership.
  • eCommerce: WooCommerce, Magento & Shopify consulting & build.
  • Infrastructure consulting, including AWS and custom stacks.
  • API and B2B systems integration.
  • Web application performance tuning
  • Small coding projects

Funny enough, the best places to learn about me is on OTHER websites. Check out some of these links: